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Miz Tee is a Leather Woman who knows when to be serious, and when a gigglefit might enhance a scene. She loves threatricality but dislikes drama and historically avoids it. Miz Tee practices to get better at her kinky skills at every chance she gets, and has done so for over half her life.


In service to the Portland Oregon kink community since 2005, she works to help local folks and events with whatever she can, whenever she can.

Currently in Rainier Oregon, she is on the Board of PLA, and has been on the board of Leatherwoods Inc, and was on the event Board as well. She was the volunteer and vendor coordinator and DM for Lw. She has taken turns at presenting at Leatherwoods, Paradise, Renegade’s Rendezvous, Bad Girls, PLA, Stone Soup Camping, Kinkfest and any Tastings event she is asked to attend.