Stone Soup
Rules and Info

See this writing for our pricing structure and refund policy:

Dates: July 21st - July 30th

Tent camping accommodations mostly - there are very limited RV spots available with no hookups. Please contact us after you register to make accommodations.


  • Large open sunny camping area.
  • Private property of 13 acres of land.
  • Property allows for a large scale camping event with a 200 person max.
  • In and out privileges.
  • A Safeway store 6 miles away.
  • We will have 2 hot water showers.
  • The water on site is potable but not tasty. Please plan accordingly.
  • The gate will be open from 9 AM to 9 PM - there will be a volunteer on call for anyone that needs on/off access to the property outside of those times

Food and Cooking Accommodations

  • We will have 3 stone soup meals in which everyone is expected to provide something to the "soup". We will have a chef in charge. There will be an ingredient sign up prior to the event.
  • Coffee and tea station provided.
  • There will be a centralized cooking area with tables and 2 dishwashing stations. You will need to bring your own camping stoves/cooktops or bunsen burners. Please read the fire restrictions below.
  • Additional packing recommendations: dishes, cups, utensils, pots, pans, and camping chairs. Please consider the use of paper or other disposable dishes since there will be a limited number of dishwashing sinks available. Due to the centralized cooking area you may also consider bringing a foldable garden cart to ease your stay.


  • One outdoor and one indoor dungeon: No DM's.
  • Indoor dungeon will be open 24 hours. The outdoor dungeon is available during daylight hours.
  • Suspension hard point available
  • Fire Play: There will be an area created for Fire Play. This is the only place where Fire Play may be done. Tops will need to check in with either Master Duane or Keith before doing a fire scene..
  • Please don't move the dungeon equipment.
  • Water only in the indoor dungeon.
  • No scat play allowed.
  • Be mindful of quiet hours: 9 PM - 8 AM. So you know, just put a gag on that bitch.

General Event details and schedule

  • We are asking that all attendees devote a minimum of 2 hours while at the event to help with daily required tasks - "camp chores" - for an event this size to run smoothly. Additionally there will be opportunity on the registration page to sign up to be an official volunteer assigned to a team task leader if you wish to donate more of your time. Official volunteers are eligible for a sliding scale discount on entrance fees.
  • 12 workshops: no more than 2 a day.
  • Check in - Friday July 21st volunteers and task team leads will be doing setup. You are welcome to chip in a hand when you arrive. The more hands = less work per person and sometimes more hands = more orgasms.
  • The registration desk will be open 9 AM - 6 PM to check in daily - there will be a volunteer on call for those that arrive after 6 PM.
  • Check out - Sunday July 30th please be off the property by 5:00
  • Quiet hours 9 PM - 8 AM: this is for the comfortability of all of our campers, to abide by county noise ordinances, and to ensure screams don't carry to the surrounding areas that may not be part of the event.

Event Restrictions

  • Minimum clothing required - legal when entering and exiting the property. Nudity allowed in designated areas.
  • Age restricted to 21 and older
  • Alcohol and pot is allowed: Be mindful of your consumption. Consumption of alcohol increases risk during play, can impair judgement, and can impair consent. The event organizers do not wish to have to speak to any attendee about a perceived excessive intoxication issue. If any attendee is unable to manage their substance consumption resulting in it needing to be addressed by the organizers, the event reserves the right to request the attendee to leave the property without refund of ticket cost.
  • Covid Policy
  • We recommend that you are vaccinated, but will not be requiring it.

  • Fire Restrictions

  • There can be no open flames in the camping area (fire danger) so there will be a centralized meal prep, cooking and dish washing area. Attendees should bring their own camping stoves/cooktops or bunsen burners to use in the centralized cooking area. Tables will be provided for that area - stoves and burners should not be placed on the ground.
  • Fire extinguishers will be provided in each of the designated areas where open flames are allowed in order to abide by fire restrictions.
  • Camp fire in the evenings only in designated fire area.
  • Cigar lounge permitted for flame to light cigars.
  • Please smoke only in the designated smoking areas.
  • There will be an area created in order to allow Fire Play on the premises. Fire Play is only permitted in this designated area with all your usual fire safety measures abided to.